[EN] Looking back at the 2017 season

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Let's recapitulate the last year season, that is, 2017!

Season's opener

In the beginning of April we went to the Moravian distance competition in Cítov, that I have already described. The company was great as usually. On Saturday we did not manage much, on Sunday Rufus just narrowly did not get to the final round of Quadruped (the longest throw of 51.4m is decent in our measures) and Rufus was eighth and Barnabáš fifteenth in the Parallel time-trial.

Barnabáš having a good time during a multiple throw during the training camp in Pohořany. Thanks to Yvona for the pic.

Muddy walks in the spring sun

The Welcome Summer took place in the end of April, this time in Přeštice. Our results were nothing spectacular save for the Rufus' 10th place in Parallel time-trial. Barnabáš was working hard during the Super mini distance on Sunday but his age (at that time freshly 10 years old) is visible on the speed when getting back.

Jumping dogs on a rugby field

After several years a competition in Prague has been held and it was flying quite well on the rugby field in Petrovice. Although the atmosphere was a bit different, it was great and a lot of newbies could be seen. Barnabáš withdrew from Dogdartbee after five throws because of a sting in a paw (which is a pity, he was only 40 points from getting to the top 16) and Rufus caught nice 48.5m in Quadruped.

Rufus galloping back with a disc. Thanks to Yvona for the pic.

Under a tent but above Olomouc

In summer we also went (for the fifth time) to a dogfrisbee camp, this time in Pohořany. The boys shared one training spot in a group that was somewhat smaller, as one third of the trainers has been on a maternity leave. As usually a great party with a lot of fun, as usually a lot of material for thinking and tipps for improving even such "basic" things as the backhand. We got over a puke in the tent and the car on the first day, although admittably it was a bit disgusting to clean from the seat-fastening gaps. (-;

Ruf patiently waiting for me to align my ten fingers into four discs. Thanks to Yvona for the pic.

Conclusion of the official racing career of Barnabáš

We concluded the season again on a distane competition in Cítov. For Barney Saturday was his final racing day of his official career, he withdrew from Dogdartbee's semifinal because of pain in a paw and I was close to a cry. In the end it was the eighth place, Ruf was ninth and the "choďák" will keep on attending only as a member of audience and moral support. Although here and then he still lets himself be drawn to a small game with a few discs. (-;

On Sunday Rufus got a nice fourth place in Parallel time trial and the  second place in Quadruped (the longest throw 48.1m); however, it must be said that if Martin's Erzo did not come back limping, they would surely overtake us.

Barnabáš the comedian can also jump an "Olliečko". Thanks to Yvona for the pic.

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