Dogfrisbee camp 2013 (Tovačov)

The training camp in Tovačov with Verča & Marky Urbáškovy and Míša Andrová has by far exceeded the already high expectations. Intense training and gorgeous programme combined with great company and a lot of fun had very few disadvantages. The most remarkable being the short length =).

I hope to add another post with some notes later. For now, enjoy at least some of the photographs, since I am still unable of a more detailed description than ``just marvellous!" =)

Before finishing the tent, Chodský pes is already satisfied: ``Great! The tent is ready, let's start some fun!"
The tower Formosa right behind the training field.

Who gets up early (or is gotten up early by enthusiastic dogs as me) can manage to get a world--class swim in the morning.

How big percentage of the picture being blurred can be still defended as the intention?

People are capable of unbelievable things to be able to throw a disc to a dog =).

I hoped to be creating an Ondra Uhlíř -- style photography but I still have a lot to learn =).

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The pont in the vicinity is very photogenic.
And, of course, the discgolf. The claim that the pics will be interesting has been definitely right and worth running back to get the camera =).
Linda and Joker.
Linda and a very small part of Joker =).
The Tovačov castle from the front (because of taking these photographs I have almost been missing in the group photo =)).
Behind the training field, there has been a regular field but we had hardly any time for walks and romantic feelings about mellowing yellow grain =).
And the pond once again ;).


Memoriál Jindry Pecháčka (Dobříš) 2013

Traditional friendly competition took place also this year in Dobříš. We've taken part in Saturday only, this time untraditionally Quadrupped and parallel time--trial.
Having a rest in the meantime.

  • Barnabáš hasn't qualified in time--trial, time 71,25, place 28/39.
  • Rufík with time 34,54 qualified as the 16-th for the second part of time--trial, where we've met Pavel Kos with Trixie, who have beaten us to win the whole thing =).
  • Quadrupped with Rufík consisted of five terrible throws and one reasonable, which confused him so much that he hasn't caught it; in overall, place 14/14.
Some photographs follow ;).



As they say in Morava: ,,Žgrync!"
Typical Chodský pes flying position (by the way, this is not Barnabáš) =).

This young lady from Poland has been throwing better than half of the adults in the competition.
Here you can see the detail of a ground and also an invisible grasshopper, which came to bite me to the forearm =).

Another Choďák but still not Barnabáš =).

Cawick has won in quadrupped, because he is able to jump to the height of a roof of a shed.

An interesting kind of fish has been caught in the net. Bait? Just a high grass =).

And, of course, KAN JAM! =D


FFFF 2013 (Pohořany u Olomouce)

Despite change of the place due to big floods, at least the dogfrisbee competition of this year's Fun Factory For Frisbee has taken its place and attracted around forty teams.

Warm, mostly sunny weather enabled nice event and the very mild Saturday wind allowed indeed brilliant freestyle performances.

I am personally glad for participation and our ``achievements." Though they might seem mediocre (see below), both the throws and catches have significantly improved since the last event and the boys have shown several nice jumps among usual ``crashes." So no more excuses that it is impossible to land nicely ;).

Thanks to Lucka & Miguel for a nice event, that they haven't given up to the weather and for and introduction to KanJam. And a special thank goes to Míša with Kim & Anička with Jesse and Come for a pleasant company in the car =).


Links (to be updated =) )

Back to work after a marvellous weekend =).


How to release a backhand?

A frequently asked question is ``why my disk always turn right?" Or even more frequently: ``my dogs(s) would be keen on frisbee but I can't throw well." Hopefully, this picture could be of a partial answer. Or an encouragement ;).

Path of your disk depending on the initial angle. Right--handed person is assumed; left--handed people are kindly asked to use a mirror ;).
 The correct angle depends on the speed, your movements and a whole bunch of other quantities, so it still requires you to experiment a bit to discover it =). Of course, if you don't want your disk to fly directly but to turn, you adjust the angle accordingly.

If you'd like to share the picture with your friends, it is already at Facebook, both on the profile of Barnabáš and Rufík.

,,Víc poklopit!"


Fitmin DDFW 2013 (Klášterec nad Orlicí)

First competition after the winter break, first pictures and first promises to be throwing more carefully next time =).

I adjusted camera wrongly, so only a few pics are reasonable, see below. If you want some of them in higher definition, let me know.


Barnabáš 120, Rufík 160, for semi 180 were necessary. Ranking 13th and 24th out of 33, pleased.

Super Mini Distance:

Barnabáš 11, Rufík 13.5, 28th and 34th of 36, close to shame =).

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  • Nice weather with at most mild wind. Hailstones were only during the breaks =).
    Notice Viktorka's face =).

    Even a sunshine time to time.