Adrenalin Lerbynn "Rufík"

Rufus, June 2012, photo by Hanka Čertík

  Basic info
nameAdrenalin Lerbynn "Rufík"jméno
kennelLerbynn (Hana Matějková)chovatelská stanice
breedCollie Smoothplemeno
ownerDr. techn. Dominik Mokrišmajitel
height59 cmvýška
weight23 kghmotnost
pedigreein the databaserodokmen
bonitationstud male (6.5.2012)bonitace
Hip Dysplasia (HD)A/A (22.06.2012)Dysplasie Kyčelních Kloubů (DKK)
Elbow Dysplasia (ED)0/0 (22.06.2012)Dysplasie Loketních Kloubů (DLK)
Collie Eye Anomaly (DNA CEA)R/r (Slovgen, 02.07.2012) Collie Eye Anomaly (DNA CEA)
Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR)+/- (Slovgen, 02.07.2012)Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR)
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)N/N (Slovgen, 13.05.2014)Degenerativní Myelopatie (DM)
PRA-rcd2N/N (G/G) (Slovgen, 13.05.2014)PRA-rcd2
teethfull, scissors bytezuby
Results (selection)
1st placethe Quadrupped Morava DiscDog Distance 2015
18th place the Quadrupped European Dogfrisbee Championship 2015
Excellent 1, Young class winner, Best young, Winner of Mladá Boleslav, BIG 3Pojizerská Dog Show, 30.4.2011Ing. Leoš Jančík, CZ
Excellent 2Czech National Show, Mladá Boleslav, 16.07.2011Waldemar Mrowiec, PL
Excellent, res CACAutumn Club Show, Praha-Letňany, 06.11.2011Eerola Paivi, FIN

Briefly about

Rufík is a young male. Though he is a bit cautious and due to his subordinate position in the pack may seem silly, do not be mistaken. He is pretty clever, happy to train and cheerful with people, he knows. He likes balls, discs and other such stuff and is willing to fetch far beyond being really tired.

Thanks to his submissive nature he avoid conflicts with other dogs and wants to meet and greet all of them. We find in him almost everything, what texts about smooth--collies have told us about this breed =).

Rufus in May 2014 (almost 4 years old).